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Sense of Entitlement – taxes, unions & government employees

June 27, 2012

Seems to me that from my perspective over the years, these 3 main subjects have common connections between need and going overboard feeling like taxpayers owe them more than the average Joe Blow & Jane Doe working in the private sector.

It’s okay to join a union for all the right reasons. It’s not when the sense of reason goes out the window and annual salaries contributes to the ballooning of budget deficits with no end in sight. Then the only options left are to cut back on services delivered and who’s on the payroll. Soon enough there will only be robots and computers doing our work. Let’s not go there and think this through.

That also includes all teachers who seem to think that they can continue to gouge and spin their paychecks & pensions into gold and diamond mines.
Let’s look at it this way,

Unions are tasked to keep it’s members and works in a respectable, safe & security work environment regardless of differences between management & business demands.

Government employees are tasked to provide services, mentoring, coaching, directions and consolidate activities related to the national, provincial/state, local regional/municipal public.

Teachers are teaching the future to impressionable spirits.

All of these important jobs share in common one thing – they are there doing their jobs because they are passionate about sharing with others – whether young, middle or senior in age because of need. The minute the job feels like they are the Masters of everyone else, then the faster they should be changed, transformed or eliminated for the good of society.

Unions join, government employees serve, teachers – well they have a magic touch to open up spirits ihto butterflies and birds to see the world from a totally different perspective. Teach and serve passion and sense the infinite possibilities before they bear fruit.

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