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A word or two about Manitoba Judge

June 28, 2012

In my own personal opinion and certainly extensive experience – her sexual conduct and personal life is exactly just that. If it had any direct impact on her doing her job as a Judge, then fine sanction her or whatever you do in those specific circumstances.C

Whether pics or whatever else gets posted online or in other forms, she’s the one who bears witness and becomes the victim of others who would like to exploit her vulnerability as a judge.

If you can clearly separate all areas of your Dances of Life to fit the moments in which they are valued and have purpose in those contexted situations, then clearly your moral and ethical conduct is in line with Conscious choices. She should return the favor and sue for breach of privacy, breach of trust and willful intent to cause her harm.

Judges are human just as are Police Officers, Politicians, Priests and lowly beggars on the streets of any country. The distinction should be professional ethical conduct during work and keeping personal lives separate so not to impair and cause harm to others and oneself. If you can keep those separate, then spiritual values fall into place without the need for artificial constructs at all times and moments.

Everyone has the inalienable right to Dignity, Respect and Security in their pursuit of Dreams, Happiness and certainly privacy.

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