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Brace yourselves – lawsuit announcements are imminent

June 28, 2012

We are nearing the point of learning exactly what the true value is of intentionally breaching Canadian Constituitional Rights of Canadians.

If it’s on an important document such as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then I exact no less than the Rights I am guaranteed those Rights in Full as a Canadian.

CAS, OCH and Conseil Scolaire Catholique du Centre-Est de l’Ontario and all individuals singularly – brace yourselves for one hell of a bunch of lawsuits of epic proportions.

Others to follow forthwith.

My promise to my kids and myself – CAS is defunct – as in toasted whatever the cost whatever the time as my primary objective. OCH you are inline also.

City of Ottawa next

Then my own parents are going to get sued for the primary and crucial roles in this debacle also.

Then my ex-wife – shipped back to Korea to take care of her parents. If not, then mega lawsuits on everything Korean in Canada.

And that’s just for starters – stay tuned cause I’m working on my mega-weapons of choice to bring this over the TOP and out of the Box completely. Fail-Safe and Fool-Proof wins, regardless of which way the outcome lands.

As I have mentioned in the past, those of Conscious minds, back up and stand clear. I’ve got a need to become a lawyer and finally use the billion of human laws on books and then some to f#$k the living daylights out of those who thought it was funny at the time to not only screw me with pre-meditated intent, but also kill me once their little experiement went sideways and I became a liability.

You’ll learn soon enough what that the best weapon of choice is no action, all words and Energy to return the favor infinitely. Enjoy the moment, cause soon it’ll be time to pay the price.

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