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Ottawa Citizen online – Personal information on Ontario hunters, fishers stored in the United States

July 24, 2012

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AND – Can anyone sing me another swan song quick before I lose it !

Since when if you are a Canadian Citizen not subject to any applicable laws if you are physically in the United States or any other country around the world.

Why in God’s name would Ontario or Canadian Laws supercede any laws of those countries if physical electronic Databases with information on Canadians WOULD NOT supercede ours – duh ! HELLO – Anyone listening out there, is it just me again or are we running for a gold medal in the stupid department in Canada.

I don’t care if you’ve signed an agreement with the devil himself, in the United States it’s laws apply all around and especially to any computer and/or electronic device AND it’s information that maybe of national security implications for the country or elsewhere for that matter. Bar none, that’s the way it is and for good security reasons.

So next time instead of pulling the wool over Canadian’s eyes and trying to fool them, be honest – sign whatever agreements you need to get down to business and tell the public upfront where the data is going and where it will reside and in who’s hands or pockets for that matter intends to manage it for you !

End of diatribe ! Duhhhh

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