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To be or not to be – circumcision

August 28, 2012

Here’s another secret …… Huge Big Smile on my Face

Age old question and often in the press.

Okay here it is from the horse’s mouth.

What happens due to circumcision is quite simple. By removing foreskin, there is less or no direct contact with the glans(head) of the penis during masturbation. Entirely different matter and discussion of this subject during intercourse better left for another time.

Anyways, what I have heard through the grapevine is that this custom of cutting away the foreskin was to accelerate a young boy’s experiences to have him become a young man and manhood faster. Often with the father not being present due to other commitments and the mother attending to all the household chores and children, a young boy’s acceleration in adulthood was generally considered desirable for many cultural reasons.

Anyways, back to the subject of the why ! Here it is, during masturbation, when little or preferably no skin comes in contact with the glans of the penis, a very real electrical differential is created in the body. The sexual organs in Oriental medicine are related to the bladder and kidneys. The differential that is created by the direct stimulation of the glans induces more powerful orgasms. If powerful enough and especially at the age of a young boy, orgasms stand a better chance of going directly to the brain to stimulate it and enhance all the endocrine systems of the body. If the orgasms pass nearly through the center of the body and in front of the spinal cord through the chakras and twist like a 2 serpents on a staff rod, the eventual connect made in the brain not only energizes it completely, but makes it divine in nature. The circuits between the glans/penis – body/brain, mechanisms becomes almost (w)holy in nature. The missing elements are spiritual guidance and self control not to ejaculate. If mastered at a young age, young boys/men have the potential to become kings of nations to led in whatever spiritual fashion as required at that moment in time.

There is another important tip involved here, a well kept secret by many religions – it involves the conscious intent of directing with the mind willfully sexual energy from the testicles and orgasm into the SEMINAL VESICLES. The most important trick and Ki to control this feat is very simple – fluid in the bladder must be exact and precise in order to use voluntary muscle control to manipulate the Seminal Vesicles and “COOK” the energy just right. I’ve distilled the information directly from all the secret Taoist texts and personal physical experiences. You can do infinite things with this energy once you control it after it is cooked – FIRE/WATER (Yin/Yang) NRGY. The Universe is truly your oyster as they say.

This is one of many many ways of rejuvenating the body. Western medicine places a lot of emphasis on the liver because it is so obvious and very true, yet all the other ways have been missed by modern medicine, in it’s race to call itself supreme scientific medical knowledge.

If we listen and observe from religion, medicine and our own bodies, heaven is truly within and all around us. Just a little bit of effort to listen to ourselves instead of everyone else goes a long way – in fact eternity. Your choice, certainly mine. Listen to your bodies/mind/spirits and you will Master your own individual Destinys.

🙂 🙂 🙂


Oh, BTW I believe women can do something similar, yet have not had enough time to explore that side. Once I’m in a relationship with a women that I feel has the potential qualities to delve deep within herself, she’ll be able to explain it from her own firsthand experiences. Stay Tuned, cause I’m on the lookout for just such a women, patience though it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. I’ll keep you posted as time goes by. Who knows, maybe tomorrow, maybe never…. time will tell, my wish is that at least women will have their own mouthpiece and perspective as opposed to having men tell them what it needs to look like or should be.

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