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National Post online – Superstorm Sandy: NYC neighbourhood burns to the ground, three New Jersey towns under water as death toll rises to 33

October 30, 2012

….”One disaster forecasting company predicted economic losses could ultimately reach $20 billion, only half insured.”

Attention Insurance companies and uninsured owners – as I have stated before – billing information is listed in my previous blogs.

Driving and steering a Smart Car is a piece of cake, something this big, well it’s not exactly Driving 101. As in the movie called – What About Bob – Baby Steps, that’s what it’s all about ! Point made, if not and a repetition is in order with simultaneous events not being attributed to pure coincidence, please put in a request. On the other hand, it’s out of my hands if the point has been missed. Everywhere is at risk since March 2011 – cities around the world. I’m pissed and working it out. All I can do is to morally contain and mitigate as much as I can if I’m aware. Otherwise best of luck.

In this case, multi-tasking and understanding where to steer was the hardest thing to do. No music and dancing required. Just Dragons, Dungeons and Dogs. There’s more that I’ve foreseen – the trick will be to get a handle on it before time runs out – all in the moment and realtime. Remember this ain’t parlour tricks pulled out of a sleeve. I’ve been working on this since the age of 7 in Montreal. Here we are – connected together.

What happens to me, happens to you and vice versa. Easy baseline reference if any. Time to decide if the script gets changed.

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