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OTTAWA CITIZEN EDITORIAL online – Adapting to change

October 31, 2012

Smart people who choose by Conscious Choice to adapt will be in-step with change and will find it much easier than others who resist.

It’s not a one size fits all type of change, but one implemented on local levels – Bottoms Up as opposed to one size fits all from the our current models of Top Down.

The new model is on a FastTrack program having been accelerated significantly. You can guage the speed by how far stretched people have been in the last decade since 1995 with the introduction of computers into everyday lives. Cellphone and then smartphones have accelerated things considerable. Now with tablets and other impending and looming technological change, humanity globally will need to make sure that things are inTune with the Human Spirit as opposed to the opposite way around of each and everyone of us being slaves to machines, technology and where that ultimately leads – A.I.

It does NOT matter that these words are only in English – translate them into every conceivable language, share & post on every corner of the globe. This affects everyone no matter their country, race, creed, color of origin. It is a fundamental Human Right to choose the best course for oneself. No one else can make that for you. We are all on a little planet and depend on a very real finely tuned natural ecosystem that we have been exploiting, raping and abusing. Time to do it right and not have our asses kicked to Kingdom come if we refuse to listen. The only compassion NRGY has is to make sure there is respect for law and order in the form of Universal Human Rights. Other than that death follows as surely as the Sun rises and sets.

Choose well, choose wisely.

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