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Ah if only…… you know it’s not working out when….

November 30, 2012

Nothing but same old same old in the XXX porn department…

You know they’re gonna have to get more creative with it. One anime one was so funny, I almost pissed in my pants laughing. I mean the Japanese cartoon character could have joined Cirque du Soleil in Montreal if he hadn’t been VIRTUAL. Well maybe the artist can take his place. Way too much, over the top… unreal.

Oh well too bad, RATS & company are going to have to get more creative if they’re gonna flush out people viewing the wrong things. As it stands, way too obvious – how do you ever expect to catch crooks and bad guys working like this???

It’s just not gonna work the way you’re doing it now. Too bad about being the bearer of bad news. Them the beans.

As it stands I’m still considering it invasion of privacy, haven’t finished putting the fine points on it yet.

Great thing I’m a techie and figured out exactly how it’s done a long time ago. Ah, the good old days at Nortel certainly helped with all that spy stuff.

And I still have lots of dynamite stuff to say about Nortel… ooh, it’s gonna costs. Payback’s a bitch with a prick & set of balls to match in this case.

Hold on to your shorts, it’s coming down the pike. Better grab something to hold on to.

I’m first gonna have to go into Terminator mode, then it gets worst from there.

There won’t be anywhere to run to and rocks to hide under.

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