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As Perfect as it gets – The Core

November 30, 2012

The most basic fundamental principles of the building blocks of NRGY, Spirituality & God.

The seeker of enlightenment uses Willpower as the initial concentration of the mirror of a Pearl, seated from the third eye to activate the first initial Pearl that lies on the Macro Cosmic Orbit just below the Navel. The first step is to Consciously start to create the Center Line of the body all around front to back. The very first Pearl must be formed Consciously to move it in the body. I’ll have another interesting story on this dating back to the early 1980 – absolutely incredible.

Pearls(act as Points/Particles in the form of a Sphere) – 1:35
Based on NRGY from 5 Carbon Ring(details to follow once I can pinpoint it)

InterSEXions – Wave Interference within either the Abdominal Cavity, the Physical Brain or any Bodily Fluid contained therein of the whole body. In the abdominal body, Fluid Dynamics principles form between the abdominal exterior cavity & the central core called the Chakras and help to start pressurization, concentration, tension, spinning & upward movement.

My Body(Constitutional Density DOG/DOG/DOG – METAL/METAL/METAL) and how it uses Entropy – 1:54

Everyone can do this according to their own constitutions, they just have to make the connection to what makes it work. I’m lucky that mine was natural and there all along. I just had to listen to all the clues. Weird and funny I noticed it a long time ago and never put 2 and 2 together. That’s why it was great to have dear old Dad. This is the part I love most about myself and how I have been using this Consciously since the summer of 2009 at Plein Bois during Dancing. When you get it, you get it – no more need for a teacher, off to Montreal to go Dancing…. Hence Bal en Blanc – fantastic, je ne sais pas quoi dire. Lost for words….

Meridians – Create Waves that help to initiate and create movement of NRGY – basically Orgasms are based on this, but it gets more technical. Let’s not take the fun and pleasure away from it for the moment.

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