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BBC online – Smaller, fewer, thinner – the future for American beef?

November 30, 2012

So where’s the Beef??? Here in Alberta – lots of Beef here.

Let me do all the work for you and make the InterSEXion easier without having to spend a dime on Consultants.

Can’t export meat because of XL Foods problem. Can’t ship OIL because XL Keystone is going through Nebraska prime territory. Okay, let’s build the pipeline and have Beef walk all the way to Texas.

Humanely and with respect for the environmental issues Nebraska is concerned about.

At least we’ll create jobs, politics wins, Alberta & Texas wins, Beef gets to market, farmers are happy and most of all the planet is saved and rising feed problems a thing of the past. You can use the methane generated in the pipeline to serve as an alternative fuel source.

I mean your crazy if you don’t see this as a win-win situation. This is about as Pi in the Sky as you get without being from Outer Space with plans of World Domination. No little green men hiding in my back pocket.

It’s all on the table. Now sit down and get talking about making things work instead of digging deeper than 6 feet and making Black Holes outta mole hills.

I mean come on people, let’s be creative in solving problems. If it doesn’t work with pants on, try a skirt and think out of the Box. Geeez ! I just don’t get it as my Landlord says.

And you know things change, how many times do I have to say it. So down the road, when Beef want to join a Union and have a chat about working conditions and living standards, use the down time to ship OIL with Nebraska’s permission. Win-win, I just don’t see a downside to it, unless there’s a hidden agenda to fuck people left, right and center.

So what’s your pleasure or pain tolerance like these days??? Can’t go on forever like this – change course, change business and make the economy work – stupid !

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