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Financial Post online – High class action awards discourage lawyers from taking on cases

November 30, 2012

Raise up your hand if your visit to Disney World at some point made you believe that Class Action Lawsuits where the most effective way to get a Bang for your Buck.

The end result of a Class Action Lawsuit while money is to redress a wrong and modify behaviour.

And behaviour modification aside, that does nothing for the plaintiffs.

Trust me when I say, that Class Action Lawsuits are but the tip of the Iceberg and the current Legal & Political System is the Titanic headed straight for it. And the trick my dear Mr. Watson is to make sure that Risk Management Distribution systems are well in place to profit waaaaaaay more than just a little big of pocket change.

It all starts with NRGY – pay now with money, or pay dearly and with painful interest at a later day. Makes no difference to me – it’s still respecting Conservation of NRGY and leverages it. You just have to know what your doing while doing – that’s what the teaching is all about. Hard lessons cost when you lose perspective of what’s right or wrong.

Moral & Ethics begins in your head. Doing the right thing naturally follows suit.

Whatever your choice between Heaven or Hell, it’s all about the Direction you decide to choose. Both are subject to the same absolute Impermeable Universal Rules & Laws. The ultimate question is – where do you want to spend the rest of eternity if you have a choice or none. You can correct mistakes and that starts very simply by changing course. It doesn’t matter whether you are young/old, male/female, thin/fat, stupid/smart, rich/poor, weak/strong, powerful/vulnerable, righteous/criminal, etc….

If you understand the basics Universal Rules & Laws that apply to all – Root Essence of NRGY you can change course and choose the whichever one you want to call home. The catch is that it starts with you and you alone, no one else will get you there. Think carefully and act wisely. You have options.

It’s no longer my ass on the line while the others are all getting lined up.

Brought to you with courtesy thanks to Mr. I don’t give a shit.

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