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Fluke – Thermal Imagers

November 30, 2012×250&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=GDN+%3E+DCO+Campaign&utm_adgroup=DCO+Thermography+Book+%3E+Image&utm_kw=&mkwid=cZQbv3qnl&pcrid=19087143385&mt=&

Now there’s something I could use in my set of Detective Toolbag. I’ll be looking into buying one. That’ll deal with one issue.

Slowly reducing the set of variables down to their logical data set left as the only possible explanation of Invasion of Privacy.

By the time I’m done, I’ll have enough ‘evidence’ for CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS on behalf of all other Canadians who have experienced the same thing.

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me where I can find the real bad boys.

And hey, lawyers will have a field day with this, you don’t need to go down CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS if the road to hell still leads there. The destination still remains the same, costs the same, feels the same. Afterall money trees by any other names are still money trees.

And yes Virginia, there truly is a Santa – watch Miracle 34th when in doubt.

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