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CLARIFICATION on the Definition of HEAT

March 29, 2013

HEAT can take on many different forms. Mostly it is invisible to the naked eye. But it can take on properties such as stress, tensions, pressure, gravity, electro-magnetic force and yes weak & strong forces at quantum levels.

What is not included is WHITE LIGHT or photons in this definition.

All else will carry a HEAT SIGNATURE in some way, shape or form.

It can be something as innocuous as a simple transfer within companies. A re-alignment of the business model. Emotions especially outbursts, physical abuse, verbal abuse, Wall Street transactions, mathematical algorithms, heat build up withing systems, Heat is expressed more as a KENETIC NRGY since it is a prime mover and shaker of all things. But it can also be expressed as potential NRGY.

Cellular activity, speech, music, sounds, noise, vibration, infra-red, radiation, Radio Wave Spectrum, etc….

Even Atomic Orbital Shells are nothing more than a distributed HEAT POTENTIAL in which an electron will most likely be found and it’s state of excitement is relative to it’s position to the nucleus.

And yes, even very peaceful meditation and prayer does the trick.


Even the NET is subject to HEAT tampering. Bottlenecks are intentionally introduced by poor ROUTERS, Server Requests, Infrastructure Points of FAILURE, Too many customer/client requests, intentional bandwidth management restrictions, telecommunications spectrum interference, internal tampering, poor software TCP/IP stacks on the OSI layers, etc…….

Even your smart SMARTPHONE is manipulated depending on your social status, financial status, complaint status, how much you pay per month status and the kind of contract you have. Last but not least, if it’s time to upgrade to the next latest and greatest, you can be sure that your SMARTPHONE will become a dumb useless phone in short order to increase sales of the next generation of phones.

Yep, social engineering with a twist – What’s the meaning of the DANCE OF LIFE & NRGY – INVISIBLE HEAT !

That includes all electronics even those in cars, trucks and anything that moves – yep I wouldn’t be surprised in airplanes. Gives new meaning to the definition of LIFE INSURANCE.

Pressure from BILL COLLECTORS, payment due notices, invoice timing, mail delivery timing and if it ever shows up at all, mortgages, and all financial instruments that create artificial deadlines to profit from the next great deal. DARE I SAY – SALES ! SALES ! SALES !

When payments are sent if at all from Social Services and WORK FARE Programs, government benefits, etc… are all predicated on the best way to get HEAT out of you for their money !

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