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The amazing thing about drugs – especially illegal ones

April 29, 2013

Seems like if you decide to take illegal drugs that are deemed unacceptable, hey you’re branded, labelled and do not collect $$$ as you pass GO on the game board.

Oh, and you get yourself into trouble with the law and possible jail, criminal record and probation.

How am I doing so far. Correct me on these points, cause this is all new to me.

Now, turn things around for a moment. Those higher up the food chain – are in command and decide what happens to you – your outcome.

It’s no wonder with a statement such as mine – Master NRGY = Master your Destiny that the powers that be are so intimidated by those words.

So off with your head – here are drugs X,Y,Z legal and/or lethal enough to get you into serious trouble all administered to you without your consent, knowledge and Conscious Choice. It’s okay for someone else to give you those drugs and get away with it, but if you do it to yourself – wham, you’re in trouble with the law. IRONY never seemed so IRONIC.

So now having been there, done that with drugs administered to me without consent –


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