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Here is my personal opinion on any weather related news on the NET – especially the Weather Network

May 28, 2013

It has been as reliable and painful as putting on a used CONDOM and hoping that it still works out fine given the statistical analysis of probability that it will do the stated job.

Even the new site is at best a crap shoot at the local casino.

I’m evaluating other NEW weather sites and will give you the lowdown.

But as far as I’m concerned the weather network is toast !

And that ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t got it yet – is a perfect example of SOCIAL ENGINEERING at work to screw you intentionally.

In all probability – my best guess is that the information is altered either at the source or at the proxy server level giving you false unpredictable results. In all fairness to the weather network – MY BEST GUESS IS AT THE PROXY LEVEL.

The accuracy of the weather is tailored specifically to your ‘HEAT’ intolerance(patience) level to use as a disruptor.

10 thumbs down !

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