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Calgary Herald – Editorial: DNA collection is ‘a no-brainer’

May 29, 2013

Editorial: DNA collection is ‘a no-brainer’

Not unlike fingerprinting, it’s just part of the continuum of crime fighting

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This is where I disagree with the argument that it is a ‘no-brainer’.

And it is precisely for those words that I disagree. For each and every human being who makes a decision whether based on logic or emotions, but especially with respect to legal decisions, they can be overturned or changed at some point due to the human quality that we associate with ‘weakness’ and called pity and forgiveness.

That is what allows us to have souls, conscience and to correct past stances.

Taking DNA – yes that is no more invasive in terms of a physical practice than taking fingerprints and maybe even more so way easier.

However consider the fact that at the rate we are increasing our global knowledge as a species, especially with making computer so much smarter and efficient – A.I. is a real possibility and one without that forgiving sorry state of that we call souls.

A.I. computers will NOT be accountable to GOD. They maybe to humans, but if humans become inferior in their opinions – kiss your DNA, privacy and LIFE away. I’ll suggest everyone to hit the nearest bridge and jump off. It’ll be so much easier to wait it out until A.I. computers over ‘HEAT’ from their theological debates on the meaning of Humans, Life and God.

It’ll be one hell of a show.

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