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Playing for time: Can music stave off dementia? –

August 31, 2013

You bet ya !

But it has to match your internal harmonics(birthdate & condition) to move your spirit inside.

The who you are part.

Otherwise, just music alone doesn’t do it.  Passive listening isn’t enough.  You need to engage it and make it an active part of you.

Dancing comes very close, but the trick is to mentally direct it internally. Just listen for the Ki notes and sounds that unlocks the first steps in the process.

You’ll know you’ve got it right when waves of pleasure ensues.

Then comes the magic…. wowie, creative critical thinking to free you from the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

Find the tunes that work for you, or play instruments hands-on, multiple ones better.

Once you understand the mechanism intuitively, it doesn’t matter anymore ! You can do anything with the slightess sounds. Even bits and pieces.

The true power of music and sounds lies in silence – golden silence and a smile.

Why, because then you are tapping into the music of your internal body at a fundamental level using Ki systems such as bones, organs, neural impulses, digestive system, senses, etc. Absolutely incredible.


The Dance of Life & NRGY of the Universe !


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