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‘Breaking Bad’ ends, but 10 lessons linger; words to the wise from this devilish drama

September 30, 2013

Well I just got going about a week or so ago watching the 1st season.

Last night started with Season 2 episode.  Had damn good chuckles and belly laughs.

What struck me here is poison Walter came up with to kill off the drug dealer pusher.

Ricin to put into the drugs, crystal to be exact.  Message being of a foreboding nature to those consuming crystal.  Especially tbose on Social Engineering extinction lists.

Funny, never came across the same message for COCAINE & CRACK, PCP, LSD, HEROIN et al.

No poison in those drugs, right ???

Hold on 1 minute, memory cells just ‘Heated’ up and hit the pinball alarm…..

What about that recent death of GLEE STAR ????

Yikes, breaking bad into reality is real !

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