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Okay it’s time for some attempt at explanations on Enlightenment

September 30, 2013


This is the most close and accurate representation of looking up towards the top of the interior of the skull towards the Crown Chakra.

Since I still don’t have exact words for Everything going on, this pic will have to suffice for the time being.

And for the record – YES IT REALLY IS A DOME of ‘HEAT’ once it Sinks. That’s when the magic starts. The people in the Middle East got it right. It’s all about DOMES as the right way for self enlightenment.

In my opinion many MIDDLE EASTERN HOLY MEN should be credited with the fact throughout history.

What you are seeing is ‘HEAT’ contained and under control during the HEAT SINK process while at rest. The surrounding outer areas are the top parts of the Diamond holding and containing the ‘HEAT’ in it’s proper place so that it can be utilized in the right manner – Spiritual Communion and Accession with God.

The Diamond is actually the 9 Star Ki Triagrams in their proper locations, quantity and quality wise.

The Lights are the exact neurons in a crystal lattice put into place by the sound waves from the ears. The Brillance of the Light comes from the semi-open eyes and reflected upwards into place by the sound waves.

The process is also dynamic, a Dharma Wheel – so it can be moved around and played with for different results. Use your imagination station.

This process is also very separate from forming A Pearl from Light and the eyes and activating the Dharma Wheel – really what it is – HYDROGEN ATOM.

You can use ‘HEAT’ either separately or as an adjunct once you get it, Light isn’t necessary. Afterall, the sun doesn’t shine on earth 24 hours a day and at death you aren’t looking at a sun before your departure 🙂

There are other methods available, but those will remain secret. I’m working on the Quantum model currently.

The process becomes self sustaining once it is started and achieved, no other effort is required on the part of the practitioner.

Yep, you read it right – unendless NRGY, call it Quantum NRGY TAPPING or Cosmic Universal NRGY, still the same.


Once I have exact words, I’ll share.

Enjoy and thank you to Dubai and the artists and those who have helped make this a reality.

See there are many similar experiences between East & West and especially in the Muslim world.

One ship, one boat, one planet.

Peace by Piece !


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