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What urine can tell about your health – especially the colour – The Globe and Mail

February 25, 2014

Additional health information for those doing self analysis and diagnostic detective work.

Read my lips, useful !

Set aside a container to regularly use for this test.

Urinate in it and for the brave at heart follow these simple guidelines.

1.  Do the smell test regularly.  You’ll know something ain’t right away.  Color aside, smell when used this way will give you quick feedback if smell is totally off base.

2.  Let urine sit for more than a few days.  Sealed container is okay, takes longer.  Open lid allows evaporation of water.  What you are looking for are solids that deposit on the bottom.  If in doubt, bring to physician for testing.

And yes, once in a while, do disinfect, so as not to spoil next test sample.

Why is all this important ?  First the smell test is immediate connection between ingestion and expulsion.  Quick turnaround to adjust once you get what’s going on.

Next, deposits can help signal crystals in urine that may lead to other complications.  See doctor for more thorough discussion of personal health matters.

And last but not least, at least the forum is now open to discussion on where the sun doesn’t normally shine.  About time.

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