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For your Sensory Pleasure – 1 aspect of Sound Waves

February 28, 2015

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Temporal Auditory Cortex located on both sides of the brain transmits external sound waves from the ears via the blood stream back into the LUNGS via pressure for fine gradient pH adjustments on respiration/expiration cycles.

First order of the cycle relies on the mucous viscosity adjustments(elimination of excess) to increase maximum PRIMARY air exchange ratios of oxygen, carbon dioxide in the alveoli. Other gases are filtered out from internal body cavity depending on the decay rate of ingested food/liquids in digestion.

Finally, the liver plays an essential role in terms of the total accumulated stored reserves of chemicals(toxic & essential) released for excretion via the lungs. Extremely subtle but very important elimination process as vital as that of the large colon. Redundant measure, but also a granular modifier of vital METABOLIC NRGY requirements for useful work as opposed to the singular inefficient role that the colon can achieve due to poor chemical soup makeup of current food/liquid quality.


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