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March 15, 2015

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There is a lot more to come. For the moment enjoy.

The pH levels of the body are determined by the nose FIRST, then the tongue.

Science has not been able to determine this fact yet where the tongue is concerned.

Starting at the very tip leading down the center line to the dead center of the tongue(quite a large area actually – estimate is about 1 inch in diameter), humans and I suspect animals also… are able to discern/distinguish the molecular state of chemicals by IONIZATION.

It is a very peculiar sensation, almost as if it is an allergic reaction to ingesting and chewing on substances that are in a state other than what would be expected by the taste buds of the tongue.

There seems to be a reaction of rejection of chemicals ingested if you are aware of the effects of ionized particles.

The sensation of ionized particles is overshadowed by the normal distribution of other sensations from the taste buds themselves. It is almost imperceptible to the unenlightened mind.

BTW – the ionized reaction on the tongue carries with it a particular taste that is hard to describe at the moment, being a relatively new experience that has been going on with me for the last year. Sorry, but lots of other things on my plate(pun not intended here), this being 1 variable that I had to make absolutely sure was not part of my imagination station.

What does it all mean in the overall context – beats me for the moment, but I’ll bet ya it has something to do with ionized states of cellular activity.

Enjoy the rest… you’ve got homework :~)

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