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Quick update on meat – gross aftertaste

March 17, 2015

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Before I move on to more interesting things on my 2DO List.

Not an immediate priority in terms of needing detailed identification of all the feedstock, but if the need presents itself again after the XL FOODS contamination in Alberta and the DROP-IN Center exemplary overkill of airborne chemicals, I’ll return.

In the meantime, here’s the lowdown.

Once you get past the methane decay buildup barrier – body tends to amass a huge amount of CHx combinations, and anti-biotics are at a minimum to mask pre-taste buds, the actual feedstock taste that beef were eating comes through full tilt.

It actually tastes like chewing on hay, but it is more complex than that in terms of subtle variations of feed fed to cattle.

Although it is not a deal killer in terms of health and people miss it in terms of conscious taste sensation, as an after taste, it remains gross.

I’m 100 percent sure if you put me in near proximity to cattle and their feedstock, I would be able to point out exactly what the ingredients are at this point.

The initial smells you get from fresh meat is mostly about the hormones. Hidden of course within those smells are another variety of subtle chemicals masked, yet definitely comes through while chewing – anti-biotics and growth hormones, yadda yadda yadda(take your pick – depending on the environment the animals were raised).

It is interesting to note that due to the highly charged ionized state of my tongue, these tastes would have not hit my consciousness and would have regarded them merely as in all other previous eating contexts as ‘normal’ – having been raised since childhood on a substantial amount of meat.

Whether or not, the feedstock has any long term effect on human health at this time is undetermined. It is a recent phenomena and if it does come up, I will point it out.

In the meantime, my suggestion is to go organic. Given the high price of commercially raised meat now, the organic route will give you the peace of mind of less chemicals, sustainable environmental and animal practices.

On with other things now…

DETAILED METABOLIC PATHWAY CHEMICAL IDENTIFICATION… it’s gonna take a while, this is a complex issue.


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