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So parting shot of the day – SCOTIABANK – what’s the point ???

July 31, 2015

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I take the time to make an appointment with a financial adviser about a C.L.I.P. program.

Had a damn time getting any info off the web, but managed to find some. Not very good at that.

Here’s the rhetorical question of the day…

WHY have someone in an office you have to pay for, get info and print off documents off your intralan on the program, yet I can’t get the documents with that info in hand to make informed financial decisions in hand before I proceed with any serious financial transactions that will benefit me, a seller and you most of all with loan interests???

The officer in question, while competent… could not give me the printed documents because they were solely for her or your use. Talk about stupid or what !

All I’m left with in my head/brain is a ton of questions with no solid informed data to work with. Yes I could have asked and do you think I could retain all of your details, terms, conditions and 4point fine printed subterms ???

Come on, I mean if that’s the way to do business, then no wonder that people end up going under the truck with foreclosures and debts over their heads. No way to make intelligent decisions because a financial institution isn’t willing to help clients.

And no, the officer tried to pull the same or something of a similiar nature in terms of CLIP off your scotiabank website and none existed.


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