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National Post – Chris Selley: If the hydro file finally knocks the Ontario Liberals back to earth, it will be nothing less than fitting

December 13, 2016

I’ll let you know soon enough – is the critical answer.

Turn my breaker panel completely off in my apartment 7’ish going to work. Turn on 7’ish back from work  Turn off all but 1 electric wall heater at bedtime.

BTW – Since move in day… fridge disconnected. Using natural cold frigid outside air for food πŸ˜†

And for extra measue… turning on the flat screen channel to watch the SHAW DIRECT FIRE LOG burning to generate energy savings !

Now… let’s see if HYDRO ONE can give me a rebate on my 60w incadescent light bulb that I use by the bed and 1 in the kitchen and bathroom.

Other than that… just a coffee machine and cooktop stove.  Water heater turned off 90 percent of the time.

Anyone care to wager how much my bill is gonna be ???

I’ll bet ya HYDRO ONE ain’t gonna be impressed with sending me a bill for a LOONIE’S WORTH.


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