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Sulfur cycle & DINOSAURS

February 25, 2017

Just hitting the radar.  I would look into the correlation between a hot humid environment in which sulfur type bacteria may have played a pivotal role during the period of Dinosaurs.

Organs of Dinosaurs able to digest huge amounts of cellulose plant fiber and not being primarily carnivorus in nature.

Dino droppings to external thermodynamic volumes, possible specialized organs able to assimilate, digest and maintain digestion for growth given sizes.

Kraft process of sulfate processes with the aid of bacteria is quite possible.

Just saying that a better pictures of Dinosaur evolution and mass extinction with bacteria playing a crucial role maybe possible.
…”The number of trees consumed depends on whether mechanical processes or chemical processes are used. It has been estimated that based on a mixture of softwoods and hardwoods 12 metres (40 ft) tall and 15–20 centimetres (6–8 in) in diameter, it would take an average of 24 trees to produce 0.9 tonne (1 ton) of printing and writing paper, using the kraft process (chemical pulping). Mechanical pulping is about twice as efficient in using trees, since almost all of the wood is used to make fibre, therefore it takes about 12 trees to make 0.9 tonne (1 ton) of mechanical pulp or newsprint.[12]”….



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