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Globe & Mail – Scientists propose revolutionary overhaul of dinosaur family tree

March 23, 2017

….“But what has to happen now is a complete abandonment of old dogmatic views across the field because we have shown that rigorous and objective studies can pull apart age-old ideas, and that we as scientists should never got too comfortable with an idea when it can still be tested in new ways.”…

…”T. rex should not be lumped in with the long-necked, long-tailed, four-legged plant-eaters like Brontosaurus.”…

I believe you are correct.  Although I have not had sufficient time to study the family trees of dinosaurs, in my opinion the T. Rex being carnivorous in nature would have had a completely different bacterial gut flora than say the Brontosaurus who I believe was a complete plant eater.  In which case if I might propose…. it is quite possible that it too had multiple stomachs like cows to digest all the cellulose with a radically different gut bacteria than other species such as the T. Rex.

My theory without any other supporting evidence although in my estimation plausible.  Time will tell if someone ever finds physical evidence from fossil remains.


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