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Baptism – Short by Fire

April 14, 2017

Practice of Baptism as currently practiced does NOT address the FACT that BAPTISM’S origin by John the Baptist was performed on people who consciously chose the rite of passage of cleansing of one’s spirit going forward.

The act of choice as an adult is a Thermodynamic Fire Event based on the very nature of the Holy Spirit.

When Baptism is performed on those who have not decided for themselves to be Baptized by Fire, the Baptism Rite is short of a complete cycle circle Dharma Wheel of the Universal Thermodynamic Laws of GOD.

Water & Fire – Union of YIN & YANG FUSED by 2 Rites of Baptism under Heaven & Earth

Consenting adults who consciously chose become sanctified as John the Baptist intended and Christ’s conscious choice to fulfill his divine mission.

Because Christ was born by divine will and Virgin Birth… the first rite of Baptism in this instance was not necessary and would not have had it’s intended effect.


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