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Calgary Herald online – Ottawa approves Nexen, Progress Energy takeovers

It was the right thing to do and done the right way with the Prime Minister Harper’s speech.

I totally agree – CANADA IS NOT FOR SALE.

However this put money where everyone’s mouth is. China’s and Canada’s. Working together through business partnerships to change social conditions in China and improve those of people and companies looking for work. In the long run this has the potential to change things at a much faster rate than the current methods used to point fingers on human rights record.

In business everyone plays hard – it’s a cost of survival. As long as everyone’s on the same wavelength and on their toes, things work the way they should with adjustments here and there.

I don’t need to lecture China that I expect it to fully to play by the rules for access to Canada’s resources. It knows it’s under the spotlight and being watched – I think it’s grown up enough to know the consequences otherwise. Let it’s current record be it’s Baseline Reference of how things will improve for it’s own citizens over time in partnering with Canada.

Same goes for Progress Energy.

As for Canada – I expect no less in providing good quality jobs for people who are sincere and looking for work in the Oil/Gas fields and associated industries.

Finally for Canada – it’s about the environment. I’m not going to support any industry that can’t start to make a difference with a better track record as of 2012. There’s no reason for stupidity with respect to a planet that sustains Life and us here in Canada. Invest, invest, invest and it’ll help the planet and create jobs at the same time.

I fully support if the need and money is there to build refineries if need be. Get B.C. & Alberta to the table and work out a deal for pipelines to the coast in a safe responsible way.

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