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CTV News online – Aussie radio boss says station broke no rules

Aussie radio boss says station broke no rules

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Okay so no man made laws and rules broken ? But morally and ethically it still doesn’t justify it. When a prank, gag or joke is played on someone, usually a good rule of thumb is that the intended ‘victim’ is aware at the end that it was just that. Fun, not intended to hurt, but make light of something.

In this case, hanging up the phone from such a distance and not letting the ‘victim’ know about the joke ended up with tragic consequences.

At the very least, the nurse should have been told about the prank before the end of the call.

Medical disclosure of information aside – legally speaking – still is no measure against the unintentional results. Lost of Life – that is the true moral/ethical question, however unintended that should be answered to first.

I’m sure that the DJ’s consciousness did not extend to include having to wade into this arena. They should not be punished, but now made to help be public faces of what-ifs where pranks of this nature should not become. Hard lesson having to live with the thought of unintentional pranks where one could argue that there’s a bullying element to it, because the victim committed suicide. Isn’t that what it’s all about. If not, argue and counter my argument.

You don’t need a heavy hand or hit to have the same effect.

Words have as much punch – it’s sound that carries emotional impact – afterall Life is NRGY !

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