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National Post online – ‘It was a dirty trick they played on me’: 40 years later Nova Scotia man cleared of false rape charge

If there’s ever a moral to this story it’s one about the true miscarriage of justice in this case. We can argue for all our worth on excuses about why things failed to go right in a time where DNA testing didn’t exist and had not yet been thought of.

But to wait until 2011 for this case to be brought to light based on new DNA testing to prove one way or another the facts is unconscionable.

What needs to happen is to help this man financially to ease what remains of his Life in such a way that he becomes a public figure for those still possibly incarcerated under the same sets of cases where there is a real possibility of innocence.

Bring back Gerald Barton to Life – financially and let him help others – that may at least give him some remaining quality of Life. But most of all, let him decide what is right for him – give him options, because he’s had so few.

Time to make this Dance of Life real.

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