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Vancouver Sun online – China is more capitalist than socialist Canada

One could say that both have seen the light and values in each other’s system.

But consider this for a moment. Wouldn’t it make just as much sense to have a country where both systems are available by choice to it’s citizens.

Once personal values align with Conscious Choice, you could choose which to buy into and not the the exclusion of the other being present and available should circumstances change.

Each system would have it’s own merits and challenges, but would reflect the wave of the where in the Dance of Life you were at the present time. Transitions would be what it’s all about – but the system would be there to help you make those choices.

As it stands for the most part now, it’s all or nothing with the losing system and party being vilified and punished for whatever reasons.

No one system is perfect. But having choices is a good option when things change. Time to consider choices where the cost isn’t the planet’s soul and our Lives.

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